How it Works

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The Details of How Our Program Guides Your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight on your own is hard. That's just the fact.

But here' s the dirty little secret... We've been lied to about WHY it's so hard.

For the last 40 years, America’s food and beverage industry has been working tirelessly to make their products as addictive and appetite-expanding as possible.

That includes fast food giants, cereal companies, superstores, and convenience food brands. They’re all guilty.

These culprits employ large teams of scientists whose very job it is to chemically engineer your food to be as fattening and addictive as possible. Which is why the obesity rate in America has risen from just 13% in 1980 to 43% in 2023.

But recently the FDA approved new medications that work in the opposite direction called GLP-1s.

GLP-1s are a huge breakthrough in fat reduction and it's taking the weight loss community by storm. It's been PROVEN in multiple scientific studies to increase weight loss by over 12% compared to just a healthy diet and exercise. Essentially GLP-1 medications (like Semaglutide) work as a safe, powerful appetite suppressant.

We provide medically prescribed GLP-1 medication as part of a personalized weight loss program to help you reach your weight loss goals.

How it Works

1. Online & Local, In-Person Consultations

After filling out our online sign up request form, we will schedule a consultation with our practitioner to gather more information about your weight loss goals, overall health, and other specifics to create a weight loss program unique to you. 

2. Receive a Customized Plan

Included in your weight loss program are nutritional advice, and other details to optimize your progress. Once received, start following your plan accordingly!

3. Ongoing Medical Guidance & Medication

With a medically trained professional as our practitioner, we offer GLP-1 weight loss injections and supplements to enhance the effectiveness of and performance of your weight loss efforts. Because of this, we have the opportunity for regular check-ups throughout your program.

4. Reach Your Weight  Loss Goals

With the Foundation Slim program, we are confident you will see results when followed properly. Even so, we will be there from the beginning of your journey, to when you meet your weight loss goals. 
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Direct Contact with Our Practitioner
We understand how important it is to know you can reach our practitioner during any stage of your weight loss journey. That’s why, with our weight loss program, you will always have direct access for any questions or concerns. 

Custom Nutritional Advice  
Changing and customizing your diet and taking in the right supplements can do wonders for the progression towards your weight loss goals. Included with our program, our practitioner will design and optimizes a plan specifically for you, to help maximize the results.
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Medication (GLP-1) Medication Assisted Weight Loss

As a medically based weight loss program guided by a licensed PA-C, we provide GLP-1 medication that have been FDA approved and proven to help you reach your goals. To learn more about the medical options we provide click on the button below. 
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Customized Plan

Initial 30 minute consult
Weekly 10 minute check-ins to ensure optimized results and dosing
Medication and materials for weekly injections sent to your address
B12 Injections

Note: Price DOES NOT include Lab Work
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