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Unlock lasting weight loss with Foundation Slim's personalized programs, leveraging FDA-approved GLP-1s medication, scientifically proven to boost weight loss by over 12% compared to diet and exercise alone!
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The Secret to How it Works

Have you tried everything to lose weight and it just doesn't work?
Trust us, we know! We have tried it all...

We've seen all the fake gurus, the photoshopped “influencers”, the steroid-pumped "health experts" telling us the same old nonsense, selling a repackaged version of the same old exercise program. We've tried every new diet fad diet including Paleo, Keto, and Intermittent fasting. We have tried running our tails off in the gym and spent thousands on personal trainers.

Foundation Slim is different...

We offer a medically supervised, personalized program that uses FDA approved medication called GLP-1s. This medication has been a huge breakthrough in fat reduction and it's taking the weight loss community by storm.

It's been PROVEN in multiple scientific studies to increase weight loss by over 12% compared to just a healthy diet and exercise.

Essentially GLP-1 medications (like Semaglutide) work as a safe, powerful appetite suppressant, that works in the opposite direction of addictive, fattening foods that the American food industry has sold us for the last 40 years. These foods have destroyed our natural appetite and digestive processes and most people need help undoing the years of damage done to our digestive system.

With our practical, risk-free approach and expert medical treatments available in Johnson City, TN, you can finally achieve the body you've always dreamed of. Don't settle for temporary solutions - join our program and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you today!

How it Works... in 3 Easy Steps


1. Consultation

Start with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our body sculpting experts. We'll explain the process, answer any questions and recommend the best treatment plan to achieve your goals.

2. Treatment

Engage in a scientifically validated, and effective weight loss journey, using FDA-approved GLP-1 medications, professionally supervised by our certified medical experts.

3. Results

Many of our patients have reported seeing noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks, however full results are best seen 1 month following the last treatment.
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Real People. Real Results.

Here's what our customers have to say:
My journey with Foundation Slim has been nothing short of miraculous! The personalized care and the scientifically-backed GLP-1 medication worked wonders on me, helping me shed pounds I've been trying to lose for years. I've not only lost weight but found a new zest for life, all without invasive procedures or downtime!"
— Mary P.
Foundation Slim provided me with a weight loss solution that finally worked. The team’s knowledge, alongside the powerful, FDA-approved GLP-1 medications, paved the way for a sustainable and practical weight loss journey. My results have been phenomenal, and I'm grateful for their ongoing support every step of the way!
— Angela W.
I was skeptical at first, but Foundation Slim changed my perspective on weight loss! The dedicated professionals created a tailor-made plan that was easy to follow and, most importantly, effective. Utilizing GLP-1 medications, I achieved impressive results without resorting to drastic measures like surgery. My confidence is through the roof, and I've never felt healthier!"
— Eddie R.
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We're Not Just a Weight Loss Clinic in Johnson City. We're Much More!

At Foundation Slim, we understand that weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our dedicated medical professionals use the latest scientific research, and medication to develop a personalized, long-term weight loss plan that fits your individual needs.

But what sets us apart from others is our commitment to providing personalized 1:1 care and coaching throughout your weight loss journey. We monitor your health at every stage of the program to ensure you achieve sustainable, long-lasting results. Join us today and experience the personalized, expert care that sets Foundation Slim apart!
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What Sets Us Apart


Medically Supervised

FDA-Approved Medication (GLP-1s)​​​​​​​

Proven Scientific Results​​​​​​​

Customized Weight Loss Plan​​​​​​​

1:1 Personal Care and Coaching

Safe Appetite Suppression

Risk-Free Approach​​​​​​​

Addresses Digestive Health​​​​​​​

Sustainable, Lasting Results​​​​​​​

Available in Gray, TN

Professional, Dedicated Team

Transformative and Practical Solutions​​​​​​​

Targeted Fat Reduction

And More

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